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Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus received the coveted Nobel Prize for granting micro-loans; these were given to the poorest members of remote villages, who could use the micro-loan to buy a used mobile phone, for example, and thus start their own small business in remote regions without a telephone connection. From this phone, for example, women could reach their husbands who were working in other parts of the country or even abroad. From the income, the borrowers could repay their loans and thus secure a small income as well as their own existence.

Quote Focus June 2008:

"Every mobile phone owner has used 5 new devices so far, 3 of the 4 old devices are slumbering in some drawer and are not being used" We would like to help people in comparable situations without having to take out a loan.


Our Goal

People who have not yet had the opportunity to travel to third world countries often have no idea what the circumstances and situations are like in countries like Senegal, India, Brazil or the Philippines. How could they? People in these countries dream about issues like minimum wages, 38-hour weeks, pensions, unemployment benefits or even social welfare. What is standard in western countries and is already called poverty is like healthy middle class in the countries mentioned. A bed, a roof over one's head, clothes, toys or even schooling are pure luxury.

The aim of our mission is to distribute goods in the form of donations, donations in kind, financial donations and confidence to those in need in different regions. Tsunami victims in countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka or India are helped; unfortunately, however, almost exclusively in tourism regions. Only a few kilometres away, little help has arrived so far. We would like to help in a targeted and direct way and thus exclude corruption of the relevant agencies - this will not always be possible, but it is worth trying. We are still looking for functioning computers (ideally notebooks) to equip schools in the supported countries in order to give children in these regions a chance to learn how to use modern media in addition to their school education.

Due to the different professional and cultural backgrounds of the founders and patrons of "Fighting Poverty", we are able to help directly on site in various countries and hand over donations.

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